Parc de Saint-Cloud

Parc de Saint-Cloud :

Parc de Saint-Cloud is located in the southwest of Paris. It’s in the suburbs. Away from the center of Paris, people are enjoying the nature there. Picnic, reading, jogging, cycling, whatever you want.

How to Get There

Take Metro 9 and ride it to the terminal, Pont de Sevres. From there you can walk to the park. It’s about five minutes. Take the bridge, and you will see Musee National de Ceramique. The park entrance is just past the museum. Tram 2 also stops at Musee de Sevres.

When it’s sunny there are many people in this park.
But different from the parks inside Paris,
here, there is enough space for everyone.
It’s a huge wood.

The park covers 460 hm. and has been protected as a nature reserve. It’s considered to be one of the most beautiful parks in Europe, and in 2005 the park was awarded Remarkable Gardens of France. Many trees in Parc de Saint-Cloud were once heavily damaged when a big storm struck Paris in 1999, but a lot of restoration efforts were given and still the park is receiving much care. It is really beautiful.

There are several remarkable gardens. One is a French style by Le Notre, one is an English, and one is called the garden of Marie Antoinette.

History of Parc de Saint-Cloud:

a model of Saint-Cloud Castle

Parc de Saint-Cloud was built on the site of Château de Saint-Cloud (or Saint-Cloud Castle). This castle was used as a residence for the Royal family and the Imperial family of the 16th century, and in 1785 LouisXVI purchased this castle for Marie Antoinette, who believed that the air in Saint-Cloud was good for her children. Then Napoleon declared war on the Prussian, and this led to occupation by a Prussian force. Paris was attacked from there. On October 13, 1870, the castle was burnt out because of the counter-fire from the French and completely razed in 1892. At the present time, only a few outbuildings remain.

In spring colorful flowers welcome you.
Panoramic view from the hill.
The Eiffel Tower in the distance.

In April a variety of tulips at their best.
Refresh yourself in nature.
It’s not hours away from Paris.

Parc de Saint-Cloud (the park map is given)

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