Cassis and Calanques

Cassis ・Calanques

Cassis is the town situated in the east of Marseille. It’s a small port town, but always lively with many visitors. Around the port are the typical Provençal houses and colorful cafés. These buildings stand in the limited space with a lot of slopes, and this makes it a little difficult for drivers to reach the port.

The coastline between Marseille and Cassis is also very unique geographically. Several inlets called Calanques lie in the area, and they provide vacationers with excellent locations to enjoy calmness. Some cliffs are more than 300m high. Some people sunbathe on the beach, some enjoy boating, and some others enjoy rock-climbing. Everyone comes here to benefit from the nature of the Mediterranean Sea.

The proverb says, “even if you have seen Paris, you can’t tell anything until you see Cassis.” It’s worth visiting once.

a small port town
with colorful houses
and the blue of the sea

cafés and souvenir shops
a parade with traditional music

boats lined side by side


enjoy quiet time

blue sky and blue sea
the magnificent view is indeed astonishing

feel the air of the Mediterranean Sea
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And, don’t forget to enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean Sea!
La Presqu’ile serves you one of the best bouillabaisse in Provence.

Route des Calanques 13 260 CASSIS — Tel : 04 42 01 03 77
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This restaurant also has a beach right in front of the terrace.
The building showing out of the trees is the restaurant,
and there are people enjoying swimming below the building.

La Presqu’ile Bouillabaisse (left)
plenty of soup and fish
Provençal mayonnaise which comes with the dish is also a must-try.
Put some on the bread and dip it in the soup!

Have you ever heard Cassis wine?
It’s also my favorite.
Fresh white wine under the sun!!!
Why not !?
Enjoy your vacation.

Profitez-en !